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We give youth access to an intergenerational community of mentors, the tools and resources they need to unleash their fullest potential, a place for their voice and wisdom to be heard, and opportunities to lead systemic change in the 21st Century.


Intergenerational Community
of Mentors

Learn from people of all ages and diverse backgrounds.

Connect with specific mentors who can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Tools and Resources to
Unleash Your Potential

Utilize our library of inventories to discover your inner wiring, core competencies, and strengths.

Discover ways to maximize your unique gifts, talents, and skills.

Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to lead and collaborate with people who experience and navigate the world differently than you do.

Share Your Voice
and Wisdom

Experience the joy of being seen and heard for all the wisdom you already contain.

Contribute your concerns, insights, and energy to projects that address real-world problems.

Lead Systemic Change
in the 21st Century

Clarify your first contribution.

Own your unique leadership style.

Resource the network for mentors and contributors from multiple domains.

Work together in a nurturing environment to change the world now.


Youth Membership Benefits

Our annual membership will give you access to:

  • Curated-for-you Mentors, Internships, and Job Openings

  • Life Design Strategies  

  • Informational Interviewing Strategies  

  • The Power of Intergenerational Learning in Our Change-Maker Courses 

  • Meaningful Projects to add to Your Emerging Portfolio and Resume

  • Credible References for Your Resume

  • Inventories to Discover Your Inner Wiring, Core Competencies, and Strengths

  • Youth Masterminds Led by Youth Council

  • Trust-Based Networking

  • Affiliate Opportunities: Invite Your Friends and Add to Your Income

We rely on their wisdom as we strategize our next steps.
We rely on their leadership and contributions to move projects forward.
We rely on their tech savvy to position LTPN as a unique resource for other youth.

Specifically, the members of the Youth Advisory Council are responsible for:

Creating Opportunities for Other Youth to Join the Network

Making Sure the Youth of LTPN are Seen and Heard as Leaders

Expanding the Network of Mentors and Resources

Recommending Youth for LTPN Projects

Aaron Johnson, Age 18

As a writer, mock trial performer, and emerging entrepreneur, Aaron is passionate about helping people see the infinite potential of the world and the importance of building communities and relationships that facilitate life-long learning. He’s currently working on a few creative writing projects…

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Zelo-Jade Rael, Age 19

Zelo-Jade Rael is a tribal member of Picuris Pueblo and a high school graduate from the Santa Fe Indian School, earning the highest award given to SFIS graduates, the “19 Pueblos of New Mexico Governors’ Award” for their “Overall Excellence in Academic Achievement, Community…

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James Schmidt, Age 18

James Schmidt is a homeschooled learner heading into college. Recently, he completed his educational journey with Village Home Salem Education Resource Center and he’s excited to expand his friendships, experiences, and his continuing education into places like Chemeketa Community College where he will be studying to…

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Faheem Dyer, Age 24

Faheem Dyer is a recent graduate of Wheaton College in Norton, MA currently employed in real estate. He has a commitment to using his skills to provide communities access to transformative opportunities, networks and capital, and he is excited to be a part of the YAC because of its capacity to do just that…

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Samuel Osborne-Huerta, Age 19

Samuel first began working with Youth Performance Company(YPC) in his hometown of St. Paul, MN, in 2017. While working with YPC, he performed in seven main stage productions, each of which played an incredibly formative role in his journey as an artist…

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Cassandra Funmaker, Age 18

Cassandra Funmaker is an activist, creative, environmentalist, and humanitarian. She is thrilled to use her skills to inspire and uplift people from all walks of life. A current high school senior who is continuing her education at Columbia College Chicago, studying…

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Izabella Britten, Age 17

Izabella is a 17-year-old indigenous activist who has a passion for equity. She is a senior from La Crosse, Wisconsin and is the Founder and President of the Indigenous Peoples Club at her school as well as the Vice President of the Feminist Equity Movement…

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