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Living the Potential 21st Century Change-Making Programs engage growth-minded people like you, who are ready to learn and integrate a new model in your domain, whether that is the home, classroom, boardroom, community organization, or another change-making space.

Course 1 | Trusting the Seeds of Change

Deepen your trust in your own seeds of potential and learn how to unearth and nurture them in others.

  • Discover your innate blueprint (your seeds of change) for your personality and contribution to the world.
  • Clarify your unique contribution and how to integrate it with what you do.
  • Identify conditioned defaults and assumptions that could sabotage your efforts.
  • Leverage and maximize your strengths.
  • Learn how to nurture seeds of potential in those you love and with your collaborators.

In each 8-week course, your weekly engagement will include:

  • Meeting with your cohort to engage new concepts (90 min/week) 
  • Reflecting and journaling, and sometimes reading or watching additional content (60+ min/week)
  • Connecting with a small group to discuss and deepen understanding of core concepts and their application to your own life and mission (1 hour/week)

If you have been working to create change,
and feel like you’re not making enough progress fast enough,
this program might just be what you’ve been looking for!

Only $397

The next course begins January 26, 2022

Everyone starts with Trusting the Seeds of Change!