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The Mentorship Mastermind

Most of us are seeking greater purpose and meaning in our lives.

But nothing great was ever accomplished alone.

You likely got to where you are today when someone, directly or indirectly, took you under their wing and provided support, knowledge and kindness to help further you on your path.

Teachers, coaches family friends, girl scout leaders, camp counselors; mentors are found in the most common and unusual ways  – impacting our lives for the better.

At its core, being a mentor is being a trusted advisor. It’s the potential to change another person’s life for the better and in doing so, live a life of deeper purpose, joy and fulfillment. Most mentors (I speak with) get much more from being a mentor than what they invest.

How can you channel the kind of impact that helps transform another person’s life?

Here’s the thing: you know more than you think you do.

Your brilliance comes shining through when share your insights or experiences in simple enough terms that another receives it with an a-ha!

The process of mentoring allows you to reveal the lessons learned from your own career and journey as a channel for clarity and forward movement for another. It also serves to navigate challenges and push boundaries in your own life.

I’ve built a career around mentoring youth as a leader in learning communities, in working with the SelfDesign movement, and as an entrepreneur I’ve built businesses with people I mentor who have gone on to mentor other entrepreneurs.

I’m currently launching a new Mastermind in Fall 2017 that will support parents, teachers and leaders who work with youth. If you’d like to learn more about this Mentoring Mastermind you can contact me for more information: