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What Are People Saying About Living The Potential

“Every coaching session I’ve had with Renee Beth has been an amazing experience. She brought me the CVI Assessment during a time where I was facing challenges; It seemed perfect. The CVI showed me a dissected version of my overall capacities- with a simple to understand layout. With Renee Beth’s guidance I have gained massive growth with understanding my gifts and a way of being to achieve the greatest things life has to offer!”



“We need to know who we are, how we learn & what we are passionate about. Not everyone will want to become a mentor. Through this discovery in myself I confirmed I DO want to be a mentor. I have been doing it in a way for many years…connecting to people, holding space for them, listening to them, learning from them-It’s who I be”



“I now have an awareness of where I was disconnected within my prior mentorship experiences – I think I have more of an understanding of what wasn’t working rather than what facilitating authentic and meaningful connections in learning environments DOES look like”



“So whomever I mentor or hold in a space of evolutionary development I need to have compassion for their process as well as my own, being an evolving human myself. Also, learning is essential for mentoring.”

Sue for Phase 2


“Living The Potential presents an exciting new vision for education based on the fundamental premise that all students already have the seeds of wisdom within them. This hopeful vision invites all of us to collaborate together to create learning environments that support and sustain students’ inner wisdom. We are invited to consider what education would look like if its main focus was unleashing this boundless potential within all students. May this empowering vision based on creativity, collaboration, and cooperation help make a wisdom-based learning the foundation for education throughout the world.”

Dicken-Psychologist, Author


“In Living The Potential, Renee Beth Poindexter proves she is a visionary who sees the possibilities of a world yet to be. There lies a pearl of deep and profound wisdom—yet untapped—in the collective soul of our youth; this inherent potential will give birth to a new world beyond our current understanding; and our job is to nurture this potential and bring it forward.”

Dennis -Author, Mentor


“Living The Potential is a wake-up call, a call to action, and a road map for sustainable, meaningful change. Imagine a world where we apply this core belief with our youth! The possibilities for greater good are endless and transformational.”

Fran, Coach and Author


“Join leadership expert Renee Beth Poindexter on a holistic educational journey to unleash your uniqueness, curiosity, creativity, and entrepreneurial passion on behalf of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants! Connect with a global community of educators, mentors, and lifelong learners working across disciplines to liberate the human spirit and turn the tide of the systemic challenges we are now facing. Cultures don’t happen by accident; they are the inevitable outcome of the beliefs and values that inform child-rearing and educational practices. What if we don’t have to keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results? What if we listen to young people telling us what they need? What if we rediscover the joy of collaboration and learning? What if we get to know ourselves, and thus one another, in a new way? Let’s connect to our inner guidance, allow ourselves to learn from Nature, and build economies informed by love. We can transform cultures, and transform ourselves in the process, by transforming learning systems! Be part of the movement to usher in a new education based on an accurate scientific understanding of human needs. And have fun doing it! Together we can support the development of well-adjusted human beings empowered to make their highest and best contribution, such that peaceful communities and regenerative environmental systems abound.”

Marliese Colantuno, Teacher, Mentor, Facilitator

“Renee Beth is teaching me how to uncover my “intrinsic nature” (how I’m REALLY wired), and simple, yet powerful ways to align with my core values. Renee Beth has an uncanny intuitive sensibility. This, along with tools and process, she navigates with the client, providing “sacred space” for self-discovery and expanded vision of possibilities.”



“The learning I received translated into my ability to take an even more expansive view of how I can use myself professionally on behalf of others, which is invaluable as I am engaged in a job search as well as re-animating my entrepreneurial pursuits. It also translated into empowerment, such that I am now taking tangible action on long-held goals, and starting to produce results. This possibility sprang directly from the deep listening and skilled facilitation that created a safe working container, and the supportive energy created by the members of the group Renee Beth brought together. Both have been invaluable to me in this process.”



“As a veteran of many deep modalities, I don’t say that lightly! I am an educator of young children, and therefore also work with their families, and as an experienced educator, I am often responsible for training other staff members. I also serve as a mentor to colleagues. I am currently working on creating ways to use myself on a greater scale, to impact systems. And of course, on a purely personal level, This experience has been richly rewarding for me, has already been a great catalyst.”



“My “Aha” moments during this Mentors Mastermind facilitated by Renee Beth Poindexter include the experience of really being seen, understood, and “gotten”, and the empowerment I experienced as a result of that.”

Julia, Mother, Teacher and Entrepreneur


“Coaching with Renee Beth Poindexter and taking the CVI Profile awoke my understanding of my innate gifts, core values and gave me a customized life map that led to greater purpose, passion and vitality.”

Steve, Father and Entrepreneur


“Renee Beth definitely is the most committed, Visionary I know. She has dedicated her life to supporting others to achieve their highest and best. I know without her leadership and guidance I would not be where I am today.”

Angelyn, Mother and Entrepreneur


“Renee Beth Poindexter employs facets of her own life story to illustrate humanity’s profound need to recognize and nurture the unique gifts and talents that each of us holds—and particularly those of our children and youth.”

David – Educator and Author


“Our new generation of gifted children is the way forward, and this book is a powerful guide to help us understand and harness the true potential.
Renee has found her passion and put it into purpose with this important work.”

Shannon, Life Coach and Author


“Every coaching session I’ve had with Renee Beth has been an amazing experience. She brought me the CVI Assessment during a time where I was facing challenges; it seemed perfect. The CVI showed me an integrated version of my overall essence with a simple to understand layout. With Renee’s guidance I have gained massive growth with understanding my gifts to achieve the greatest things life has to offer!”

Quin, Recent High School Graduate

“He appreciation about myself increased my self-esteem and self-awareness where I can better choose which core-values to apply in a certain situation and also how I can serve to the best of my abilities by being more aware where I am strong and where I need support. Seeing my son taking the test and seeing his results was a surprise but made me feel more connected to him.”



“Learning about the inner me confirms who I really am versus the “stories’ I’ve been telling myself”



“Validating my core gifts with the Core Value Index – really helped me look at myself in a new way – to not focus on my challenges but rather to lean into my strengths and deepen my awareness of myself in the world and in relationship to myself and others. I realized that being sensitive and empathic is a powerful strength whereas I’ve felt for many years it’s been hard to consistently value that part of myself”



“Understanding myself as a learner as well as the components and connections within the learner’s mind and heart helps me to rise into my strengths and gifts as well as identify areas that I want to further develop and target. Self awareness and actualization deepens my ability to connect and help others identify goals to unfold their potential.”

Julia for Phase 2


“I am the father of six children who are all creative and active. They each process information by very different means. Some have excelled best with home schooling while others clearly needed the structure of public schooling. Some have needed additional tutoring. Some have struggled with being bored by the classroom approach. I appreciate that in Living The Potential, Renee Beth unfolds a comprehensive approach for individualized learning opportunities. It is thoughtful and effective.

Stephen, Entrepreneur and Author


“I have been a Family Medicine physician for twenty-three years, supporting the health of children of all ages. I have worked at children’s summer camps and given health lectures at elementary schools. It is easy to see how the standard sit-in-your-desk-and-listen approach cannot engage everyone or inspire fully, and may not offer a full opportunity for a student to immediately expand on an idea or understanding. Living The Potential is not just a book for teachers and parents; it is an important guide to anyone interested in helping others learn.”

Natalie, Doctor and Co-Author


“Renee Beth’s genius is the recognition that we need a new awareness regarding how we educate our children, defining that new awareness, and offering pathways to it. Her discernment of the Earth and all its processes as organic combined with learning as a living process, educes the emergent genius of her students. This emergence will often take the learners to places beyond what anyone could have imagined.

Milt, Retired Business Executive, Co-Author, Consultant


“Renee Beth Poindexter’s focus on valuing the wisdom that exists in all students is timely and commendable. Her work to wake all parents and teachers up to the extraordinary value of each student; her commitment to enlighten education will cause the enlightenment parents and teachers; and her heart and mind are working in a complementary fashion to this effort to lift humanity to higher levels of conscious living, and conscious education of all.”

Lynn, Author and Entrepreneur


“Whether you are in education, business or the government sector-you owe it to yourself to discover how Living the Potential could be a contribution to you, as well as how you might make a difference in the systems in which you live and work.”

Nancy, Author, Entrepreneur