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SHIFT THE MINDSETIn this 21st century there is a movement of social entrepreneurs who are not only changing the face of business, but we are the agents of change for society, breaking down the silos that separate art from science and science from business and business from education. There is a guiding mindset that seizes opportunities to improve systems, invent new approaches, create sustainable solutions to change society for the better. And this breakthrough thinking is emerging from inspired individuals of all ages, from all around the world, and in many ways is disrupting the traditional 20th Century way of thinking.

At Living the Potential Network, you will discover stories of real people through articles, videos, newsfeed that will stimulate creativity and promote innovative “out of the box thinking.” You will meet Mentors who are bringing their gifts and talent through telesummits, webcasts, and workshops for online members. You will locate conscious loving life-long learning community geographically to facilitate the new economy conversations in a way that creative ideas bloom into projects that matter. Whatever the mind can conceive, you can achieve, especially in an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration.


SELF EMPOWERMENTAt LPN, we encourage the empowerment of teachers, leaders, facilitators mentors and parents to create the environment for a personalized learning approach. If you have a desire to find the people and the resources to co-facilitate the discovery for your self or other learners who are on a journey, you will find courses, assessments, projects and mentors here. Learning is an adventure, and chances are you have a clue about what’s next, but you need a little help along the way.