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Plant, Cultivate, Pollinate and Regenerate the Seeds of Change
Hosted by Entrepreneur Renee Beth Poindexter


When You Attend, You’ll Discover…

  • You’ll learn 5 steps of how to become a MENTOR through a breakthrough mentorship program that helps self-starting and entrepreneurial parents and growth-minded teachers engage the wisdom of our youth alongside forward-thinking businesses.
  • My simple “mentoring blueprint” that provides the recipe for unfolding naturally our capacity to help our future leaders, our youth…
  • By unfolding your true own essence almost instantly…you befriend your Inner Mentor….
  • This “missing piece” that allows you to tap into the truth about natural learning for life that reveals your inner most desire to serve, your strengths and enthusiasm-inspiring a willingness to learn….
  • How to then spot when your child or student is no longer “thriving” in school (hint: it has nothing to do with grades)…
  • How to tap into your true “core values” that will help you trust yourself, as a life-long learner and enable you to reach out to a child or student through a personalized approach to learning….with confidence
  • BONUS: Learn How to become a facilitator to help others begin their mentorship