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How to Find Passion To Fuel Your Life and Work

There’s an emerging excitement among many entrepreneurs who are beginning to realize they can get paid to be who they are, living with more joy and extolling their values. Read more



Your Work is to Discover

As children we naturally trust ourselves and yet, on the road to maturity we’re cultivated to look outside ourselves to discover who we are. This reinforces the assumptions that “what” we are learning is more important than “who” we are becoming. Read more.



The Connectedness of All Things

When an astronaut on Apollo 8 who was filming the crew turned the camera toward Earth, he captured not only an image but a concept that would be for many, a revelation and cognitive shift. Living on the planet we have limited a ability to view the world around us, and a very small scope of what the big picture might be. These astronauts clearly saw at once, that everything is connected. Read more.


Hope for the Human Condition

Have you ever been part of something bigger than anything you could accomplish by yourself? I think of the Olympic torch that is passed from runner to runner, from one state to the next, where each runner represents every man, woman, and child connected and unified as one in solidarity. With each step the participants align in one effort that demonstrates focus, purpose, and strategic alignment all towards a common goal. Read more.