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Imagine a world where we are all bringing all of who we are to everything we do,
and engaging the wisdom of our youth to leave the planet better than we found it.

You know the world is in trouble.

You want a better future for your children.

You realize there is much to do, but where do we start?

Let’s start here.

You are invited to join us for a

Wisdom Engagement PODluck!


Delicious discussions. Savory solutions.

Together, we will engage the wisdom in the room to discover our unique approach to:


Trusting the Seeds of Change that Our Children Bring

Cultivating Learning Environments that Inspire Creativity and Collaboration

Cross-pollinating Domains to Solve Problems and Prepare Youth for the Real World

Creating Sustainability with Regenerative Resources for Long-term Change

Reaching Upward and Beyond with the Soul of Technology


*based on the book Living The Potential by Renee Beth Poindexter
(available on Amazon)


Facilitated by Renee Beth Poindexter

Saturday, February 20th @ 9am PST / 12pm EST

Saturday, March 6th @ 9am PST / 12pm EST