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Empowering Youth

As a parent, your greatest desire is for your child’s happiness and success.

One of the most difficult struggles facing parents is allowing children to grow up and make their own choices about how to live their life. We worry they don’t know enough, aren’t experienced enough and lack the capacity to make the right decisions that will put them on a path towards their greatest potential.

When they know themselves youth can discover their fullest potential and use it to create joy, meaning and freedom in their life.

This means they can move into the drivers seat of their own life. That’s a pretty powerful place to be. And as a parent, it allows you to breathe a lot easier about the choices they make about their life, education and career.

We entrust most of the influence over our child’s learning and growth to the school system, believing that it’s the best possible path for our kids. And in many cases it works. But we’ve all seen what happens to youth who don’t conform and flourish under the guidance and instruction of the traditional education system. These are the kids that get labeled, left behind and shut out of a bright future because they aren’t making the grade. Not because they aren’t capable, but because they aren’t being seen and nourished in a way that honours their path towards learning in the world.

By discovering how they’re uniquely wired your child has an opportunity to embrace their true self, find their true path and pursue a life doing what they love.

As a parent, that’s just about the greatest gift you can offer your kids.

During my time as a high school teacher I had a vision of positively impacting the lives of youth. But I struggled to connect with students in a system that failed to support and develop some of the brightest minds. I witnessed vibrant youth lose confidence and self esteem because they didn’t identify well in that environment. That was why I was so excited to discover the Core Value Index. I’ve never witnessed any other tool that so quickly and accurately reveals an individuals true nature and provides the building blocks to more forward.

My mission is simple, empower youth with the tools that support their success.

Even kids who do well in the traditional school environment will push back, rebel and turn away from much of what they’re being told to do when it has been dictated to them. And that’s perfectly natural. Establishing independence is part of the process of becoming human, growing and creating our own path.

I work with kids who have an idea about what they want, but have no idea how to make it happen. Giving them the tools to discover their innate nature allows them make choices that are inspired and confident and moves them towards a path of success.

I’ve seen the frustration of parents and youth who know they’re capable of more but feel disempowered by a system that doesn’t honour their innate gifts for learning. I’ve also seen kids step into a place of true potential when they’ve aligned with their innate core values, motivations and strengths.

Living The Potential makes college more affordable and reduces student debt.

Too often students are graduating from colleges with a degree or major that is clearly not in alignment with how they are uniquely wired. Or they’re changing majors which is why students require over 4-years of tuition payment to get a degree. This costs parents between $10,000 – $20,000 per extra semester at a public or private institution. Either way, the ramification of this misalignment results in increased student debt and dissatisfaction with their chosen major and career path.

Living a life of potential means living a life without limitations.

girl - living the potentialEmpowering youth to connect with their core values and innate strengths provides them with knowledge and ability to make decisions that align with meaning and purpose for them. Once aligned with who they really are, youth excel in ways that not only put them on a path towards personal success, but opens doors for them to create positive impact on the world around them.

Unlocking the core values, while it doesn’t guarantee success, is a key in identifying their own personal power and zone of genius.

The Core Value Index is free and takes ten minutes or less to complete. It’s also the most reliable assessment of its kind with a 97 % repeat score reliability. It provides highly accurate and  reliable picture of the innate, unchanging nature of an individual. If you take the CVI today, your score will be almost the same 10 or 20 years later.

The CVI takes 10 minutes and provides you with an instant online report.

Take the Core Value Index