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Are you worried your child isn’t getting
the education they deserve?

Living the Potential 21st Century Change-Making Programs engage people who are looking for opportunities to be positive change agents, starting with their own families.


Change-makers tend to raise more curious, creative children who intuitively know that the industrialized education system isn’t for them.


But what do you do when you have a child who doesn’t fit into the typical settings?


First, you celebrate your achievement in nurturing their potential, and then it’s time to look for a fertile learning environment that will support your intention to allow your child’s natural intelligence to unfold.


You are the one with all of the power to change the systems by refusing to operate in them, or require your child to do so, in the same old way.

Living The Potential Network helps change-making parents like you to:

  • Deepen your trust in your children’s and your own seeds of potential, and uncover a new way to nurture their natural curiosity and strengths as well as develop life skills and character without all the power struggles

  • Find and cultivate learning environments for your children, so your children fall in love with learning and can’t wait to go to school every day

  • Connect your children with experts and opportunities for learning beyond school in preparation for life in the real world, rather than stressing them out about test scores and grades and fitting into another system that doesn’t really work

  • Develop and implement regenerative, sustainable systems for your personal and family’s physical, mental, emotional, and financial well-being

  • Use the soul of technology to stay connected with your child and solve problems with them in more intentional and powerful ways, instead of stressing about all the time they spend looking at their phones and other screens

Of course, after you use everything you’ve learned to sprout change in yourself and your family, you’ll have the foundations for becoming an even more powerful change-maker in your community.


In this community, you will:

  • Reconnect with your own seeds of change and true inner wiring

  • Clarify your unique contribution and how to deliver it to the world

  • Identify conditioned defaults and assumptions that could sabotage your efforts

  • Leverage and maximize your strengths

  • Learn how to nurture the seeds of change in the people you love and work with


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“My “Aha” moments during this Mentors Mastermind facilitated by Renee Beth Poindexter include the experience of really being seen, understood, and “gotten”, and the empowerment I experienced as a result of that.”

Julia, Mother, Teacher and Entrepreneur


“Coaching with Renee Beth Poindexter and taking the CVI Profile awoke my understanding of my innate gifts, core values and gave me a customized life map that led to greater purpose, passion and vitality”

Steve, Father and Entrepreneur

“Every coaching session I’ve had with Renee Beth has been an amazing experience. She brought me the CVI Assessment during a time where I was facing challenges; it seemed perfect. The CVI showed me an integrated version of my overall essence with a simple to understand layout. With Renee’s guidance I have gained massive growth with understanding my gifts to achieve the greatest things life has to offer!”

Quin, Recent High School Graduate, Musician


“I am the father of six children who are all creative and active. They each process information by very different means. Some have excelled best with home schooling while others clearly needed the structure of public schooling. Some have needed additional tutoring. Some have struggled with being bored by the classroom approach.
I appreciate that in Living The Potential, Renee Beth unfolds a comprehensive approach for individualized learning opportunities. It is thoughtful and effective.”

Stephen, Entrepreneur and Author


“Whether you are in education, business or the government sector-you owe it to yourself to discover how Living the Potential could be a contribution to you, as well as how you might make a difference in the systems in which you live and work.”

Nancy, Parent, Author, Entrepreneur