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One on One

The coaching work I do is heart-centred, deeply transformative and empowering process.

It begins with completing a core base assessment, the Core Value Index. I use the CVI with all my clients because it effectively allows us to quickly and accurately uncover the compelling connection between your essential nature and actions and contributions inherent to the work you currently do or want to do in the world. The CVI provides a framework for you to move forward in the world with more purpose and to pursue work that is meaningful to you.

Introduction to Discovering Your Innate Nature: The Core Value Index – $49.95

The Core Value Index is an assessment that allows you to discover your innate unchanging nature. It’s also a baseline for our work together. It’s is one of the simplest, most versatile tools you’ll encounter for improving your individual self awareness and your awareness of others.

The CVI takes less than 10 minutes and will help you discover:

  • What causes you to conflict with others.
  • What values you base a majority of your decisions on.
  • Why you make the same mistakes over and over.
  • How you can improve your relationships with others.

When you’ve completed the CVI you’ll receive a detailed report.
If you want to proceed with individual, group or corporate coaching, the CVI is the jumping off point.

Level 1: Discovery Session – $199

Choose a time for a 1 hour discovery session to learn how to make your highest and best contribution in your life and your work.

Level 2: Creating Positive Change in Your Life  – $595

Deepen the process with 3 interactive sessions* to integrate your core energies in a way that fulfills you for positive change.(* with assignments in between.)

Level 3: Discover Your Purpose – $1185

Embrace your true nature for making better choices that are in alignment with your higher purpose through 6 sessions (with assignments in between) $1185

Level 4: Self Actualization: Living with Passion and Meaning -$2365

Move towards conscious self-actualization: 12 hours of personal coaching to integrate your highest and best core energies into your life. $2365