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Mentor Assessment Form

  • Build a legacy for learning   There’s an extraordinary amount of untapped value sitting in the world today mostly people aren’t actively seeking mentorship, or people in the position to mentor, aren’t being asked or offering.

    This is remarkable considering that we know that people who have expert support achieve higher quality, longer-lasting results than people who go it alone.

    Parents and teachers can use the mentorship model as a learning technique that the builds on the relationship with the youth you work or live with.

    Business Leaders can use the mentorship model to train new employees or add the benefit of their wisdom to up and coming entrepreneurs.

    This assessment will get you clear on your pursuit for greater meaning and impact, and help identify how you can realize your “calling” to make a difference.

    The scale below the quiz will assist you in decisions for taking the next steps for enhancing your learning and yearning for a life well lived. It also will inform you as to whether you should further develop the skills for mentoring or seek one out.
  • Your Passion, Your Pain and Your Priorities

  • 0 – Disagree12345678910 - Agree
    People seek me out to talk about their business and life challenges.
    I have helped others experience an “aha moment” that has enabled them to learn something about themselves.
    I enjoy helping others discover their latent strengths and abilities.
    I’ve reached out to another person who is deeply in need and I have provided support that was beneficial.
    I desire to help others grow and deepen their character, integrity and commitment to their values.
    With the guidance of another, I’ve uncovered an aspect of myself, an ability or talent, that had lain dormant or unrecognized.
    It’s challenging to find time to help the people I know who need it most.
    It is awkward for me to walk with another person through pain and adversity and not be able to offer a quick fix.
    It’s hard to witness so many people going through the motions of life, but not really connected to something that makes them feel more alive.
    I have no problem being transparent – even vulnerable – with someone I am helping.
    I’m competent in accepting people where they are rather than where I think they should be.
    Regularly ask for feedback on how my actions impact others.
    It’s important to have someone to turn to who will listen to me as I try to better understand a particular challenge I am facing.
    I have a strong desire to advance to the next level of my personal and professional development.
    I have a personal values filter that guides my decision making.
    I have someone who holds me accountable to my goals and commitments.
    I desire to make a difference, leave a legacy, and I’m clear about how to go about it.