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Mother, Artist, Advocate

Tracey Curran

Ms. Tracey Curran-Herman is a graphic and freelance artist and owner of Creative Graphics, Inc. Her professional experience encompasses work for educational institutions at all levels as well as small to international companies. Several of her commissioned pieces are held in private collections and her work has been displayed throughout the United States, including galleries in New York and, most recently, in San Antonio.

Her graphic work has appeared in highly reputable scientific publications and books. In addition to her work with Creative Graphics, she was the owner, publisher and editor of Mood Magazine and Balance Magazine, and a co-founder and CEO of the Regional Artists Consortium in San Antonio, Texas, where she managed the operations of three geographically distinct galleries, selling artwork from the members of the Regional Artist Consortium.


Currently, Co-owner and Vice President of Marketing and Communications with Herman|Neuhauser Research Management Consulting, Inc, Tracey has also been very involved in the San Antonio and Minnesota non-profit community. She served as the Vice Chair of the City of San Antonio’s Cultural Arts Board, as a board member of the San Antonio based Artists Foundation, ARTS SA, San Antonio Visual Artist, Council for Excellence in Women’s Health, Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy Board, Northwest Vista College Art Advisory Committee, The Weisman Art Museum BASH Host Committee (Minneapolis), and the McNay Museum Gala Committee (San Antonio). 

She graduated from the United Way Masters Leadership Program and the Citizen’s Police Academy in 2010.

Tracey has an entrepreneurial and adventurous nature. When she has free time, she truly enjoys traveling the globe, starting new projects, having FUN and socializing with her friends, and getting out in nature. She enjoys sailing, hiking, gardening, horseback riding, painting, music, meditation, and yoga.


Tracey accepted an invitation to explore Living The Potential Network through a friend’s recommendation. When she read Renee Beth’s book Living The Potential, she wanted to become engaged with LTPN to help, not only her daughter but anyone to overcome their trauma. 

Through her participation with Living The Potential Network’s PODlucks, Garden Experiments and Courses, Tracey has connected with others on a path of self-discovery and has shifted her belief about learning and her “true” self. Before her involvement, she felt, as an artist, mother, and a wife, she was not enough and unable to contribute. Even though she holds a degree in Fine Art and has had some success, she would measure herself against others based on diplomas, degrees, and performance. Tracey’s life was such that she was on her own at a very early age and therefore wasn’t given any tools to discover her own unique abilities.

She continues to enjoy being part of this supportive group that holds a safe space for individuals’ self-discovery journey as they create change in the world.