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Fine Artist, Landscape Architect, Entrepreneur

Susan W. Holland

Sue Holland came to this community by accepting an invitation from the facilitator, someone she admires for her deeply generous spirit and entrepreneurial genius. The “grand master” of this LPN community recognized Sue as a creative entrepreneur, as well as a parent truly committed to empowering her teens.


Despite a seemingly impenetrable culture of video gaming and watching in an era of diminishing attention spans and emotional availability on the part of both children and adults— Sue can attest that re-gaining one’s enthusiasm for what is truly possible for young people and families is not only attainable through this LTPN community, but it is joyfully essential. Upon engaging with the Living The Potential Network (LTPN), Sue came to realize and then fully experience that the only way to achieve this paradigm of possibility for her family was to partner with like-minded fellow leaders and parents who want to bring about a whole new context of learning for our families and for society as a whole, with the target audience being our youth.


Besides being an active citizen and mother of teenage boys, Sue Holland is a landscape architect with her own landscape design and consulting business; a licensed realtor on a team within a national brokerage; an associate with two world-class wellness companies that provide unparalleled products for optimal health; and an award-winning fine artist in painting and mixed media.

Sue Holland comes to Living The Potential Network not as a person with a formal background in education. Instead, in her 30’s, she embarked on a journey of transformational empowerment, aka personal and professional growth and development. There she discovered her passion for learning and for making a difference within the community. She became a volunteer leader in several transformational organizations, where she experienced the previously untapped leader within herself. Since then, Sue has assisted thousands of others to awaken and experience their own leadership abilities.

Through the tools and conversations within this LTPN community, Sue has dislodged personal barriers and freed herself and her family members so that all individuals are taking ownership of their personal goals. As a result, her teenage son is attending college on his terms, and his mom is freed up to continue to grow her various businesses while attending to the needs of her family.

This combination of endeavors support Sue’s commitment to develop multiple streams of income, as well as address ALL areas of our lives: spiritual maturity; health and well-being; meaningful self-expression; expanding our place in our community; and engendering a depth of connection in relationships.

Sue Holland lives in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area with her family.

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