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Founder of Healthy You Lifestyle Center

Rajitha Bommakanti

In her nursing journey, Rajitha has seen gaps in patient care and barriers which caused people to have complex life-changing medical conditions. She saw how one thing leads to another and the impact chronic medical conditions had on her patient’s quality of life. She wanted to make a difference so she moved into a health coaching/transformation space where she is a health partner in educating, inspiring, and empowering people to make small changes to their lives to improve their health. Her company is called Healthy You Lifestyle Center. Her website is and you may contact her at


Rajitha has been practicing nursing for over 30 years in various medical specialties.



Youth suicide is the third leading cause of death among kids of age 15 to 24. This is a very stressful for kids when they are going through many changes in body, thoughts, and feelings. Strong feelings of stress, confusion, fear, and doubt may affect teens problem-solving and decision-making. He or she may also be consumed with anxiety of grades, and carrier. These problems can seem too hard to overcome.

Thoughts constitute to the amazing world of reality each and every day, however they are also the root cause of most of our problems in our life.

My goal is to create opportunities for youth personal empowerment, and how to live a happy and healthy life. I would like to show them a different way medicine can be practiced. Many medical conditions youth face are connected to their thoughts, perception, and eating habits.

During my interaction with them, I will show them how to not escalate thoughts and lose control. No matter what is going on outside, they will learn to be at peace inside. The connection to nature will help them interact with the environment with an open mind and will learn to cook and eat whole foods.

This will help them stay grounded, creative, productive, and content.

All their suffocating thoughts will dwindle away. They will enjoy and see the beauty in life. They will be open to possibilities in life.

By connecting youth and adults, intergenerational relationships will be built and are a route for success in early life and a key to happiness and well-being in our later years.