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Business Development Specialist

Donald White

Don is accomplished business development specialist who has worked in companies that range from small businesses to Fortune 100 corporations in roles that include strategy, alliance management, sales, and marketing.


As an engaged, active father of two sons, Don has enjoyed supporting his sons’ activities as they grew into young men. These activities included soccer, swim team, snow skiing, hiking, snowboarding, robotics, and more. Don has participated as a volunteer soccer coach, swim team deck official, weekend snow skiing instructor, and water-skiing clinic trainer. These interactions with children and youth have been rewarding for Don, inspiring him to spend more time helping them achieve their goals.



When he read the introduction of Renee Beth’s book Living The Potential, he knew he wanted to assist in any capacity that will help this mission—to help kids design their version of the best life for themselves. Having empowered his sons to make their life choices based on open, candid conversations about the options they might choose from, he knows that it’s true that youth have, or quickly access, the answers they need when they are seen, heard, and respected.

It is his pleasure to be part of this dynamic team that understands that our youth have their answers if adults choose to ask questions, listen, and support the choices the youth make.


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