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Founder of Be Your Why LLC

Debbie Leightner

Debbie Leightner founded Be Your Why LLC to share her continuing 33 years of self-directed learning of trails & triumphs to make a positive impact and leave a legacy. She is a mentor and coach who is passionate about helping others discover what’s important to them and create customized plans of action for making choices to support discovery and advancement. She provides confidential, safe and nurturing connections via phone, in-person meetings, and videoconferencing to access opportunities that might not be visible without her guidance.


Debbie accepted an invitation to join Living The Potential Network because she wanted to have meaningful conversations with her son and be able to listen from his perspective. Through her involvement with Living The Potential Network and members of her mastermind, Debbie has connected with others on a path of self-discovery and wanting to be effective catalysts in their families/communities. She has shifted her belief about learning. Before her involvement, she felt alone and unable to collectively contribute. Even though she earned a B.A. in Communication from The Ohio State University, she would measure herself against others based on diplomas, degrees, and performance in subjects that were predetermined for her. She wasn’t given any tools to discover her unique abilities or her style of learning.

What if you and your children could experience that sooner? What would that do for you?


Her participation in “Discovering Your Inner Change-Maker” confirmed and opened her eyes to the learning available to us all regardless of age. While traditional schooling is a benefit for some, it only allows for 10% of the way we as human beings learn. Much of our learning comes our life situations, life events, work experiences, and relationships. She now feels connected to those becoming conscious about possibilities. She gives herself credit for her years of independent study, reading, taking classes, attending workshops, and enjoying experiential learning. Her relationship with herself, her 19-year-old son, and her family has improved significantly as she celebrates integrating her learning.

As a mother and successful business owner, she has spent the last 14 years coaching and partnering with individuals, small groups, and entrepreneurs to balance their personal and professional lives in a productive way. Recently she added supporting others in creating an ideal health map and taking responsibility for their own health to her offerings.

The quality of your life is important to her. If you are looking to explore how you’re wired and what’s important to you; create better relationships with yourself and those around you; and bring all of it to your personal and professional life using specific tools, get connected to Living The Potential Network.

We only have so much time. What will you do with yours to make a difference in your own life and those around you?

Listen in and hear WHY Debbie Leightner said yes to Living The Potential Network
and what she’s already seen LTPN do in the world!