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Facilitator & Mentor

Caprice Thorsen

Caprice Thorsen has invested the last 15 years innovating in the education space to fulfill her mission of providing transformational learning experiences to young people in loving, safe environments. Caprice is on a quest to connect the dots between the pandemic of anxiety, depression, and meaninglessness that so many people experience with how we educate our children and youth. Caprice understands that we are designed to learn, are naturally curious and awake, and are infinite beings that are limited only by our imagination and confidence.


Prior to entering the education space, Caprice worked for two US Senators, got an MBA in finance from Carnegie Mellon, became a Certified Personal and Professional Coach with the Newfield Network, started an internet logistics company, and ran her own Consulting and Coaching practice. She has worked with leaders and teams from Fortune 50 companies, non-profits, and startups.


An area of expertise for Caprice is how to engage in Joyful Action every day to move confidently in the direction of our dreams, knowing that nothing ever goes as planned. She coaches people to move past imagined limitations and tap into divine wisdom so that they are guided moment by moment by their inner knowing. Living in this way generates peace, joy, and contentment.

Caprice understands that for a woman to do work she loves, spend time with family, and prioritize personal care, she needs to be her own boss. Caprice is passionate about empowering young women to become solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. As founder of Big Life Path, she guides teens to discover their superpowers and learn real life skills. Big Life Path offers a Safe Dating program for young women, showing them how to repel unsafe men by recognizing red flags, setting healthy boundaries, becoming super confident, and demanding joy.

Caprice accepted Renee Beth’s invitation to join Living the Potential network as a facilitator and mentor to continue their 10+ years of collaborating in the space of natural learning. As parents and educators connect with their inner resources and wisdom, they will be able to lovingly guide youth to unfold their genius from the inside out.