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Meet Our Team

Founder of Living The Potential Network™️

Renee Beth Poindexter

My name is Renee Beth Poindexter and I’m the founder of Living The Potential Network™️, the first network of its kind that facilitates multi-generational, multi-domain communication and collaboration to solve real-world problems.
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Founder of Be Your Why LLC

Debbie Leightner

Debbie Leightner founded Be Your Why LLC to share her 33 years of self-directed learning through trials and triumphs to make a positive impact and leave a legacy. She is a mentor and coach who is passionate about helping others discover what’s important to them and create customized plans of action that support discovery and advancement. She provides confidential, safe, and nurturing connections via phone, in-person meetings, and video conferencing to access opportunities that might not be visible without her guidance.

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Expert in Experiential Learning

Marliese Colantuno

A lover of animals, books, gardening, and the arts, Marliese Colantuno comes from a service-oriented family with a holistic worldview, and was attuned from a tender age to the impact of global events on individuals. Spiritually inclined, innately curious, and an innovative thinker, she discovered her own pathway to making a meaningful contribution early on. Having changed schools frequently as a child, she acquired the habit of observing and analyzing each new system in which she found herself. She started noticing what was and wasn’t effective in education, and taking an active interest in how people learn. As fate would have it, the high school she attended operated a preschool on campus that also served as a laboratory setting for students studying Child Development.

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Fine Artist, Landscape Architect, Entrepreneur

Susan W. Holland

Sue Holland came to this community by accepting an invitation from the facilitator, someone she admires for her deeply generous spirit and entrepreneurial genius. The “grand master” of this LTPN community recognized Sue as a creative entrepreneur, as well as a parent truly committed to empowering her teens.

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Business Development Specialist

Donald White

Don is accomplished business development specialist who has worked in companies that range from small businesses to Fortune 100 corporations in roles that include strategy, alliance management, sales, and marketing.

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Mindful Messenger, Message Strategist, and Momma

Amanda Johnson

As a Personal Brand Strategist and Mindful Messenger Guide, Amanda Johnson helps aspiring speakers, authors, and coaches craft their message, expertise, and stories for maximum impact on their audience, their brand, and their bottom line AND heal their st*ries and lives in the process.

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