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Taking charge of your life-long learning portfolio allows you to personalize your learning in a way that you “own” your experience. What are you naturally curious about: what are your natural strengths; have you uncovered your core values? These inquiries are the place to start so that you can design your learning agenda. From here you become empowered and learning is fun! Especially when you can engage others in your world to support you on your journey. You can meet others of like mind through a community-that shares project ideas and opportunities to collaborate.

Teachers have a huge impact on how individuals define their capacity and their ability to be successful. Much has been written about Multiple Intelligences, and Character Education yet how to design collaborative environment to inspire confidence, self esteem, excellence through trust is missing other than through a separate unit of study. What if there was a way that learning, as a process, could emerge where the intrinsic motivation to learn is inspired with the learner becoming the key stakeholder?

Leaders who are driven by passion and want to have their head and heart connected in a way that provides a true contribution to others, who want to be a part of a community of lifelong learners. Many are driven by personal growth and attend many workshops, conferences and networking groups. But they feel something is missing…they have a sense that there is MORE, and it has to do with a CALLING to make a bigger difference. What if there was a way that these LEADERS could become integrated STAKEHOLDERS by sharing their natural gifts and talent to the next generation by becoming a MENTOR?[/one_half_last][/column_row]

Learning to build collaborative environments is an art and a science. Many times it is learning to trust that the questions are way more important than the answers. It is an acquired skill to stimulate conversations that encourage letting go of EGO or ALREADY Thinking, and unfold innovation and creativity. With the right questions, the best right answer unfolds into the room. Here you can access experts in: The Art of Appreciative Inquiry, Open Source, and Non-Violent Communication .

People generally like to help others succeed. In the new economy, where entrepreneurial thinking is essential to thrive, finding a Mentor who knows what you are trying to accomplish is a key strategy.  By co-generating support from people who have “been there and done that” you can dramatically shorten the learning curve. Processes for reviewing proposals, products ideas, break-through innovations, design project templates, decision-making strategies are provided through these engagements.

There generally is no guidebook for how to be an optimal parent, and, what is most often discovered in conscious parenting,is that the child opens the gateway for deepening the awareness for what it means to be human. Many are seeking ways to develop the entrepreneurial strategies for themselves and their children because it offers options for greater freedom and autonomy. Becoming a part of a community that rewards this transition offers additional support on a multitude of levels. You will find ways to nurture and unfold the authentic call “I want to own my own life” in this space.