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Founded in 2002, Village Home offers engaging classes without grading and testing, designed for and by homeschoolers. Learners choose from our catalog of over 150 mixed-age classes in all subjects. 

Village Home encourages students to take ownership of their learning, and supports a self-directed learning model where the intrinsic motivation to learn is maximized.

At Village Home, kids are free to be themselves, free to spend time with their families, and free to learn what interests them. Our caring professional instructors create active, fun-filled classes where the focus is on the joy of learning together.

Our non-credit classes are grade-free and test-free, with an average class size of ten. Village Home serves families who enjoy learning with their kids and in most cases, VH learners are homeschoolers, but we also serve a lot of charter school students as well. Village Home exists to make the learning journey easy and fun for families by providing academic support and community belonging. At Village Home, we know learning is fun, and our classes encourage active learning together.

Village Home learners have been accepted to top-tier universities around the world, and have won numerous regional, state, and national competitions. Village Home serves approximately 500 learners, operates three campuses in Oregon, and has been a model for other learning communities around the country. Village Home was featured in “Class Dismissed”, the #1 education documentary on Netflix. Discover what self-directed learning is in action!