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James Schmidt, Age 18


James Schmidt is a homeschooled learner heading into college. Recently, he completed his educational journey with Village Home Salem Education Resource Center and he’s excited to expand his friendships, experiences, and his continuing education into places like Chemeketa Community College where he will be studying to become a therapist. 

Diagnosed with Autism at an early age, he struggled with things like deciphering body language and understanding social contexts. With the help of his parents and his supportive educational environment, he developed several methods to help him figure out social context and situations by slowly building up knowledge about how people and social situations flow and function, which he refers to as his Translation Matrix.

James is thrilled to be a part of the YAC because he loves brainstorming and collaborating with all of the brilliant people that are a part of it on issues he’s passionate about like technology’s role in our society, educational freedom and empowerment, and helping people to connect and understand one another.

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