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What To Do If You Fear Your Child Isn’t Getting The Education They Deserve

“It Was A Relief To Discover My Child Wasn’t The Only One Who Struggled In The Typical School Setting…”

Living The Potential Network™️ is a breakthrough mentorship program that goes beyond the outdated, typical school setting. It helps every child visualize their worth, discover their strengths, and naturally increase their curiosity and excitement to learn and thrive.

Many self-starting parents and growth-minded teachers that take my step-by-step mentorship course learn the exact tools to ensure every child is learning and being listened to, based on individual personality–not a sliding grade scale.


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“My “Aha” moments during this Mentors Mastermind facilitated by Renee Beth Poindexter include the experience of really being seen, understood, and “gotten”, and the empowerment I experienced as a result of that.”


“Coaching with Renee Beth Poindexter and taking the CVI Profile awoke my understanding of my innate gifts, core values and gave me a customized life map that led to greater purpose, passion and vitality.”



“Renee Beth definitely is the most committed, Visionary I know. She has dedicated her life to supporting others to achieve their highest and best. I know without her leadership and guidance I would not be where I am today.”



Discovering What Your Child Really Needs When You Fear Nothing Is Going To Change

Many parents and teachers who take matters into their own hands begin learning my new methods because they are concerned for their child and they have yet to receive a real, proven solution.

Does the following sound familiar?

One day, you notice your child no longer has that “spark” they once had, almost as if it fizzled out. Your child used to love going to school, but now finds the normal classroom setting boring. They’re frustrated with assignments. And their poor grades become the focus at the dinner table…

I’m here to say, it’s not your fault, you’re not alone, and your child is not “broken.” Your child is someone with a unique recipe of core values.

How Living The Potential Network™️ Solves A Real World Problem

My Living The Potential Network™️ combines education based on your child’s unique interests with a dash of entrepreneurial mindset. This allows your child to learn faster and more effectively than what is offered in a typical school setting.

My course is a simple, laid out for you plan that is easy to follow and shows exactly how you can discover your child’s core values, become your child’s certified mentor, and eventually become a facilitator to help other parents and teachers “open their eyes” to another option… the option that ignites that “spark” once again.

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Introducing The New Learning Method Created By Your Child

Living The Potential Network™️ is about “learning” not “teaching,” and it starts with connection, relationship, and process–NOT content, worksheets, and grades.


Because we believe an ‘A’ doesn’t set your child up for success in the real world.

How It Works?

When a mentor shares his/her knowledge on a particular subject (e.g., anything from math to aquatic science to metalwork), everyone wins.

This new learning method is about building a community around mentoring, sharing what you learn, and expanding your intelligence through contribution.

This helps children become more naturally curious, more willing to ask questions, and more excited to learn something new.

Who This Is For?

For the self-starting parent, the entrepreneurial parent, or the growth minded teacher, sitting on the sidelines and watching your child endure day after day of feeling useless, dumb, and miserable in a typical school setting is not only unfair, it also stalls your child’s motivation and self-worth, and causes a lifelong feeling of regret and wishing they had never gone to school.

Living The Potential Network™️ is for those that see a problem in the typical school setting and want to help, but don’t know where to start.

I’ll show you where to start and how to contribute when you attend my free presentation.

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Who Am I?

My name’s Renee Beth Poindexter and I’m the founder of Living The Potential Network™️, the first network of its kind that couples the right mentor with the entrepreneurial minded child that is not thriving in a typical school setting.

I started Living The Potential Network™️ because I saw a problem in the normal school environment that is obligated to teach to the masses. This outdated method leaves thousands of children on the sidelines, without help, and feeling as if they are not as “smart” as their peers.

With over 25 years of working multiple different industries as a facilitator, success coach, and a consultant, I can safely say that my mentorship method that I reveal in my free presentation is the first of its kind that uses “entrepreneurial mindset” to harness your child’s strengths that naturally encourages them to learn and grow… without frustration, without “hovering over your child’s shoulder,” and without your child feeling discouraged.

And I’d like to show you step by step how to do it.

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