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Facilitator Program

You want to BE the change in the world right now, But Maybe:

You are not sure exactly what you have to contribute, or what your contribution might be

You don’t know where to go to clarify your plan and gain the skills you need to make it happen

You wonder how to get vetted expertise, experience, and feedback of others to eliminate blind spots

You struggle to stay consistent and take care of yourself while you work to make a difference

You worry about using technology ethically, but know you need it to do what you’re here to do

Welcome to the

Living The Potential Network FACILITATOR Program

 In this 13-month program, you will work with an intimate “pod” of other change-makers committed to bringing all of who they are to everything they do and getting paid to do it.

You will clarify the unique wiring, strengths, and stories you bring to the world; learn how to cultivate learning environments that ignite curiosity and nourish the soul; discover the joy and process of designing collaboration among generations, expertise, and backgrounds; develop practices and systems that regenerate your well-being and create a solid foundation for your work in the world; decide how to leverage technology responsibly to achieve your change-making goals; design your offering or project; and practice the facilitation skills you need to help others in the way that only you can.

As a Living The Potential Network Facilitator, you will enjoy the opportunity to:

  • Facilitate courses, workshops, and masterminds within our network with our back-office support
  • Create residual income through our affiliate program (40% – 65% of participants’ investment)
  • Promote your courses within our social media and network

What’s Included:

  • 1 year of membership, which includes discounts on programs NOT included in this one
  • 5 courses through which you experience the power of the organic life learning model
  • 8-month practicum experience in which you will share your contribution and hone your facilitator skills

If you are ready to BECOME the change, join us!

The next “pod” launches January 2022!