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Do you want to grow your business and maximize your impact?

Are you looking for a way to make a bigger contribution to the future of our planet?

Do you wish there was a place where it was easier to collaborate with others to do it?

A New Pathway to Productivity and Profit

Years ago, I helped a team of 12- and 13-year-olds launch a software business.

They had been getting enough press for their outstanding innovative work in their self-designed learning environment, that a utility company approached them to design and create a video game that would teach children how to manage the energy in their homes.

At the ripe ages of ten and eleven, these kids had negotiated a $75K contract with the utility company, produced an outstanding product, exceeded the utility company’s expectations, and decided to sell the software they created to other utility companies.

Pretty amazing, right?

That’s what we call a Win-Win-Win-Win!

  • The business saved a ton of money on the investment, opened a new opportunity for income, and generated more customer loyalty.

  • The business’s customers saved energy and money with the new solution.

  • The children got meaningful, real-world work experience that led to more potential income and an amazing resume.

  • The planet won because people began to conserve energy.

Imagine being the leader of that utility company!
What a change-making hero!

Living The Potential Network is about
creating these win-win-win-wins for businesses like yours!

Living the Potential Network engages entrepreneurs and leaders of conscious businesses that are looking for ways to set their company apart from the rest, collaborate and co-create new pathways to productivity and profit,
and make a bigger difference in one or more sectors that matter to them.

It all starts with the seeds of change in YOU!

In order to create the type of systemic change we are talking about, we all have to discover and cultivate the seeds of change in ourselves and in those we live and work with every day.

That’s why we ask every change-maker in our network to start with this course!

The 21st Century Change-Making Programs will help change-making entrepreneurs like you to:

  • Deepen your trust in your own seeds of potential and uncover and nurture the seeds of change in those with whom you collaborate with and serve

  • Find and cultivate fertile environments for yourself and your teams, to maximize innovation, services, and profit

  • Connect and cross-pollinate with other domains to discover new ideas and co-create new possibilities for our business

  • Develop and implement regenerative, sustainable systems for your personal physical, mental, emotional, and financial well-being, and make sure that you have the vitality necessary to make your business soar

  • Use the soul of technology to stay connected and solve problems in more intentional and powerful ways

Of course, after you use everything you’ve learned to sprout change in yourself and in those around you, you’ll have the foundations for becoming an even more powerful change-maker in your business and the world.


The first course in the series starts May 10th!