WE want to connect people who love life, and have pursued knowledge in a particular field of study and who have applied it to create a livelihood that continues to inspire them and others. These people are interested in sharing what they have learned about learning and they are wired to mentor others who have a curiosity about the path they have walked. This could include rocket scientists, doctors, and toughest job of all-Motherhood or Fatherhood. My organization, Living the Potential Network has evolved over the years to bring people together who have a shared interest in a common area. Three streams that have been flowing include people who are interested in wellness, learning about entrepreneurship and the other is how real learning beyond education as we know it actually creates real meaning for real life design-life-long. Integrating real life learning-the hunger to know with reflection of why it matters and to do it with others who are on a journey of their own becoming is very enlightening. I would add how we manage time in ways that we aren’t so stressed out trying to match other people’s definition of success.

Bottom line-how do we get in the driver’s seat of our vehicle called life, and stop feeling like we are stuck in the trunk of the car? People thrive when they are in an environment that recognizes their authenticity, and where they are empowered to bring all of who they are to everything that they do, and how they learn. This community is ageless where what unites the people is the shared interest, not necessarily their age. Wisdom knows no age.

And health, well being, prosperity along with present time awareness (mindfulness)must be central to everything we be and do.