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Are you exasperated with the education system,
and desperate to find a better way to
inspire your students?

If you are a teacher, you know that you have one of the greatest opportunities available to change the world by inspiring and nurturing the minds of children and youth.

You are probably also feeling frustrated because the current teach-to-test education model doesn’t really allow you room to create the experiences you know would spark curiosity and collaboration in your students,
which is likely the whole reason you decided to become a teacher.

Living The Potential helps growth-minded teachers like you, who are ready to learn and integrate a new model in your classroom by helping you:

  • Deepen your trust in your students’ and your own seeds of potential, and open opportunities for more connection, empathy, and growth with your students, their parents, and even your administrators and colleagues

  • Cultivate learning environments where curiosity and collaboration shine, and children fall in love with learning and enjoy being in the driver’s seat of their lives, and you have more fun making a difference

  • Connect your students with experts and opportunities for learning beyond school in preparation for life in the real world, and co-create experiences that develop their life skills and character beyond the classroom

  • Develop and implement regenerative, sustainable systems for your personal and community’s physical, mental, emotional, and financial well-being, so that you can avoid burnout and be a vital and energetic change-maker

  • Use the soul of technology to stay connected and solve problems in more intentional and powerful ways

Of course, after you use everything you’ve learned to sprout change in yourself and your classroom you’ll have the foundations for becoming an even more powerful change-maker in your community.


In this community, you will:

  • Reconnect with your own seeds of change and true inner wiring

  • Clarify your unique contribution and how to deliver it in your classroom

  • Identify conditioned defaults and assumptions that could sabotage your efforts

  • Leverage and maximize your strengths

  • Learn how to nurture the seeds of change in the people you love and work with


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“Renee Beth Poindexter employs facets of her own life story to illustrate humanity’s profound need to recognize and nurture the unique gifts and talents that each
of us holds—and particularly those of our children and youth.”

David – Educator and Author


“Living The Potential presents an exciting new vision for education based on the fundamental premise that all students already have the seeds of wisdom within them. This hopeful vision invites all of us to collaborate together to create learning environments that support and sustain students’ inner wisdom. We are invited to consider what education would look like if its main focus was unleashing this boundless potential within all students. May this empowering vision based on creativity, collaboration, and cooperation help make a wisdom-based learning the foundation for education throughout the world.”

Dicken-Psychologist, Author

“In Living The Potential, Renee Beth Poindexter proves she is a visionary who sees the possibilities of a world yet to be. There lies a pearl of deep and profound wisdom—yet untapped—in the collective soul of our youth; this inherent potential will give birth to a new world beyond our current understanding; and our job is to nurture this potential and bring it forward.”

Dennis -Author, Mentor



“Join leadership expert Renee Beth Poindexter on a holistic educational journey to unleash your uniqueness, curiosity, creativity, and entrepreneurial passion on behalf of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants! Connect with a global community of educators, mentors, and lifelong learners working across disciplines to liberate the human spirit and turn the tide of the systemic challenges we are now facing. Cultures don’t happen by accident; they are the inevitable outcome of the beliefs and values that inform child-rearing and educational practices. What if we don’t have to keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results? What if we listen to young people telling us what they need? What if we rediscover the joy of collaboration and learning? What if we get to know ourselves, and thus one another, in a new way? ” ...Read More

Marliese Colantuno, Teacher, Mentor, Facilitator