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Find support for the vision you have in your heart.

As an educator you have a vision and you’re passion driven.

You wake up every morning with the desire to connect with your students and create a positive impact in their lives.

But you’re struggling to reach all the students in your class. You’re not having the impact you envisioned when you began this journey. Most days are met with a sense of overwhelmed and a lack of the resources and support you really need. You show up every day but what’s really happening is your existing in the classroom with your students, not thriving.

Teddy Roosevelt famously described this place as “the grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat,”

How do you bridge the gap in education between where you are and where you want to be?

Recently I walked into school board office near my home to speak with the Superintendent. On the wall it read, “Parents are the child’s first teachers.”

Intuitively we know this, yet we find most parents outsource the development of their children’s’ minds to the schools and the teachers. We believe that parents represent untapped potential

“Living the Potential is creating a new vision of what it is to be a teacher, that engages the support of parents and mentors as guides for self directed learning. This view of education expands the classroom to include and integrate family and community in a mentorship style learning community.”

We remove the barriers that separate each of the stakeholders involved in our kid’s development by creating partnerships that incite possibility for each youth to reach their greatest potential.

When teachers and parents partner, the positive collaboration switches the dynamic away from overwhelm and scarcity of resources, to that of abundance with the greatest benefit being felt by the youth.

Why join a learning community?

  • Teachers get the support needed to create greater impact in the classroom.
  • Students have a voice and are heard (this is the secret sauce!) when they actively participate in their education as self-directed learners.
  • Collaboration builds a stimulating and creative learning environment.
  • Students develop a growth mindset.
  • Parents feel connected and inspired to show up, bringing their talent and experience in ways that make a difference.
  • Stakeholders experience something bigger and more meaningful together than any one of them could do alone.

“Living the Potential Network holds the core belief that learning is a natural and inherently enjoyable process when learners are empowered to make their own learning choices through curiosity and desire to know more.

We’re a catalyst for creating positive change in education.

Learning communities aren’t restricted to just the classroom, they can be within a family, a school, a business, or even as a group of kids looking to create their own business. It’s the concept of learning in collaboration with others that is the greatest benefit. Not everyone has the same skill set, so we learn from each other. In this way, every student is seen and celebrated for the strengths they bring to a project. They co-inspire each other!

By gathering a community of lifelong learners, change makers and mentors with massively diverse backgrounds we are personalizing the learning experience. This intention allows kids to be seen, heard and included in to helping shape the world they want to live in. Given the fertile environment to grow their minds with others, they co-design a culture, a community of learners.

“We build a bridge between the classroom and real life learning experiences for youth who want to forge their own educational journey.

Through a vetting process Living the Potential Network is creating communities that mix the experience and knowledge of educators, parents and mentors in a collaborative learning environment.

Learn more about how you can access The Living the Potential Network for your classroom or community.

What rare your innate strengths and qualities?

We employ the Core Value Index, an unique assessment tool when we’re building learning communities.

The CVI is a pathway to that allows individuals to discover the work that is naturally engaging to their innate being.

With this groundwork in place we learn quickly about an individual’s different strengths and abilities. This a a fundamental key that allows each person to be seen for who they are and begin to interact authentically as they determine their learning projects and the best mentors to facilitate their pursuit for knowledge. We use this assessment when creating our learning communities

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