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What To Do If You Fear Your Child Has Lost The “Learning Spark” In School

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In my first chapter, you will discover…

  • The story of a friend and how she was at wit’s end trying to figure out why her son HATED school (this is where it all started)

  • What exactly is going on with your child and why it’s not anyone’s fault. Your child has a unique set of core values that I show how to “tap into” (no school is doing this)

  • How to solve your child’s lack of interest in learning by revealing my methods that goes beyond the normal “teaching” structure

  • How to start “mentoring” your child the right way, which allows them to naturally become curious and want to learn… without worksheets, without a grading scale, and without feeling overwhelmed

  • Why typical school settings are outdated and need to get with the 21st century “entrepreneurial mindset” that helps children see how learning contributes to real life

  • How my unique mentoring can instill better education and increase curiosity in your child (this is what most traditional teachers crave)

  • And much much more!