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Top 10 Skills for 2020 and Beyond

Take a quick look at this list of the top 10 skills that will be needed in 2020 and beyond, developed by The World Economic Forum’s “The Future Jobs” report... Continue Reading

Cross-Pollinating Domains

Leaving the world of education with a promise to someday return, I had entered the world of business. I wanted to connect with people outside the realm of education and... Continue Reading

Meaning vs. Obligation

I think the most powerful lesson of the Wondertree story is that these kids were working on a project that was meaningful to them. They saw how important the project... Continue Reading

Fertile Learning Environments

Declaration of Learner’s Rights and Responsibilities (developed by Wondertree students) As a learner I have the right to allow my own experience and enthusiasm to guide my learning. As a... Continue Reading

Wake Up Call and Statistics

What’s happening with our kids? It’s time to take a hard look at the issues facing our young people today and to recognize that our youth are feeling the stress... Continue Reading

Limitless Potential vs. Blank or Fixed Slate

The outdated educational system approaches our children as blank slates and empty vessels that need to be filled up with information. Yes, they develop the basic skills of reading, writing,... Continue Reading

Tapping Into Our Uniqueness

When I discovered Taylor Protocols’ Core Value Index, I thought, Finally! There is a tool that can help people understand their internal “wiring”!  This understanding of a person’s innate core... Continue Reading