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The School in The Cloud

What if our Youth have the answers?  Answers to the questions that we would never think to ask? During this pandemic, I have invited you to consider the perspective that... Continue Reading

If Art Leads Science…

When researching how our collective human intelligence comes together to create a sustainable world, I ran across this quote from the Schumacher Briefings: “Art leads science by 10 years, Science... Continue Reading

The Fun of Discovery

During a recent Podluck, a question was raised about the difference between schooling and learning. It was an intense conversation with a diverse group of adults, many of whom are... Continue Reading

Who Do You Trust?

I live in Lake Oswego, OR. It is a Southwest burb of Portland with a population of just over 37,000 people, and I was surprised to see it make the... Continue Reading

Birthday Roast Turned Toast

I don’t remember when my perspective on my birthdays shifted, but I think maybe it was around age 50. You know, it does kinda jolt a person to be given... Continue Reading

Time to Celebrate!

I never miss an opportunity to celebrate my friends, so I was thrilled when I was invited to spend time with my friend, Amanda, on the evening of her 40th... Continue Reading

Love Speaks in the BEING

Finally, I knew it was time that I halt my everyday routine of managing too many issues coming at me from multiple directions all at once. I love what I... Continue Reading