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Limitless Potential vs. Blank or Fixed Slate

The outdated educational system approaches our children as blank slates and empty vessels that need to be filled up with information. Yes, they develop the basic skills of reading, writing,... Continue Reading

Tapping Into Our Uniqueness

When I discovered Taylor Protocols’ Core Value Index, I thought, Finally! There is a tool that can help people understand their internal “wiring”!  This understanding of a person’s innate core... Continue Reading

How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain

Produced by: KBOO Program : Pathways Air date:: Sun, 12/31/2017 – 8:30am to 9:00am He is board certified in internal medicine and nuclear medicine.Dr. Newberg has coauthored 4 books with... Continue Reading

Niki Elliott – I Feel Your Pain

Developing a Higher State of Consciousness There are unique challenges faced by intuitive and highly sensitive children and adults. Niki Elliott helps other empathic people explore their innate gifts and realize their full... Continue Reading

Robin Romm – Women on Ambition

In essays that are bold, absorbing, insightful, and wise, the writers in Double Bind explore the complicated realities of what it means to be an ambitious woman today. Continue Reading

Wisdom Keepers

  The truth about becoming real human beings For ten thousand years. Alaska’s Native Populations have survived and thrived in some of the harshest conditions in the world. During that... Continue Reading