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When Poetry Calls

I can’t remember The last time I lived in Poetry like this, The last time I let Truth Strip me so naked I couldn’t run, The last time I let... Continue Reading

The School in The Cloud

What if our Youth have the answers?  Answers to the questions that we would never think to ask? During this pandemic, I have invited you to consider the perspective that... Continue Reading

If Art Leads Science…

When researching how our collective human intelligence comes together to create a sustainable world, I ran across this quote from the Schumacher Briefings: “Art leads science by 10 years, Science... Continue Reading

Mindful Zone

Listen to my interview with Maggie Calder from the Mindful Zone and you will be inspired about the regenerative capacity of the human spirit. Hear the interviews with Maggie... Continue Reading

The Fun of Discovery

During a recent Podluck, a question was raised about the difference between schooling and learning. It was an intense conversation with a diverse group of adults, many of whom are... Continue Reading