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Founder of Living The Potential Network™️

Renee Beth Poindexter

Renee Beth is calling all Advocates who have a piece of the puzzle to help our kids thrive!

Renee Beth’s newest book : Living the Potential: Engaging the Wisdom of our Youth to Save the World, is really a call to action that invites a new level of civic participation.



From her experience as an Executive Coach, Consultant, Business Owner, as well as manager in Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries she saw a pattern. It was one she first began questioning back in her first career as an English teacher. How is it that after 14,000 hours (plus) of traditional education, so many people are lost and confused in designing a fulfilling life?

Over the years, she has been searching for answers to what can be done to interrupt this and create support youth? Their parents? Growth minded teachers? And the out-of-the-box businesses who want to attract and grow their future employees sooner rather than later?

The vision for Living The Potential Network™️ has evolved to offer a breakthrough mentorship program that helps self-starting/ entrepreneurial parents and growth-minded teachers engage the wisdom of our youth to save the world alongside forward-thinking businesses.

Bridging the domains of business and education can happen with forward thinking leaders, who choose to be part of a 21st Century Solution.


What’s in it for business?

What if your business organization had most of their individuals engaged with enthusiasm on a daily basis, excited about how their contribution makes a difference in defining the value of the overall company? And what if they were proud to be a part of a company who was committed to making a difference in the community above and beyond their own bottom line?

Recognizing the B Corporation companies where the values and vision are so clear to all participants, that they begin to participate in a way that makes the vision come to life, and they make a difference both inside as well as outside the company. (Think John Mackey-founder of Whole Foods)

Renee Beth created LTPN to provide a blueprint for bridging the gap between education and real world learning!

We provide a mentorship program that connects the company’s employees to personal development and bridges to the youth through internships and meaningful projects.

It all begins with relationships and is enhanced with tools of quality communication leading to meaningful collaboration.


We offer a methodology that creates a co-developed process with our client companies who see the value in engaging with the youth who are drawn to learn from them. We listen, we hear, we feed back and then generate paths for enhancing the knowledge base through projects that give the youth meaningful experience and which offers fresh out of the box ideas to the business.

We facilitate the building of the knowledge bank such that the aligned synergy of people begin to learn from each other -think reciprocal mentoring, as wisdom knows no age. With LTPN’s process, it becomes clear how recognizing each stakeholder’s core essence and how to best maximize it for the over-all success for the company strengthens the culture and its regenerative capacity for the long run.

We provide a mentorship program that connects the company’s employees to personal development and bridges to the youth through internships and meaningful projects.

Vision Implementation
Spires of Excellence
Core Competency Enhancement
Career Planning
Team Building


What’s in it for the Educational Community

What if?

What if there were individuals who were passionate about their subject and they could engage with others who were interested in learning more about this subject? And what if the learning could be implemented in a “just in time” project that was related to a community concern?

And what if there were team made up of people from various disciplines, conscious businesses, growth minded teachers and empowered youth who were all committed to working together to find a solution to the problem?

Is it possible?

We know so. There are many opportunities through grants to engage public private partnerships to engage in solving problems. The challenge is that many times these ideas are not shared with others in a spirit of cooperation, and as such there is much competition for resources, especially in the not for profit sector. What if there was a way to expand the ways to work with others so that more solutions to our challenges could be made available?

Consider this scenario:

What does business have to teach educators? And what do educators have to teach business?

One County in Southern California took on this challenge with a grant called Business Solutions in the Classroom.

Thirty teachers from 10th-12th grade and 25 business owners from the locations of the schools gathered together for a 3 day retreat to see how they might align together to make learning more meaningful for the students in their communities.

At first, there was a strong division in the mindsets of the participants. Business leaders stated that the educators were turning out a poor product, that kids were not well trained for the marketplace. While this attitude did not do much to endear the educators to the business people, they could not help but hear their own voices cry “victim” as they stated over and over how impossible it was to accomplish what needs to be done in schools today, especially to the connection to other problems such as the drugs, and the breakdown of the family unit, lack of resources and many more societal issues that impact the schools and their ability to function effectively.

What they discovered was a new path to what it means to be a learner in the 21st Century and how if they, as community stakeholders didn’t work together to prepare youth for the world, then the sustainability of their community would be in great jeopardy.

There were many outcomes to this event: but one of the most important was for the adults to begin to see learning beyond the walls of schools, and that if learning wasn’t meaningful to the learners, of all ages, then the commitment to excellence was not truly authentic. And that for learning to be organized effectively it would need to align leaders from both education and business to really begin to work together rather than point fingers of blame.

Solution emerges

Renee Beth’s vision for LTPN is to facilitate programs that assist in the developing the awareness of whole systems thinking through Conscious Mentoring. Learning how to leverage diversity as a strength is one of the key outcomes of these programs.

Learning how to learn from each other is a strong component, as well as recognizing that it is OK not to know the answer in advance. In mentoring projects, we spend significant time looking at how to create well formed questions such that when the answers do emerge we are clear about their positioning. Doing this reduces assumptions and ultimately leads to authentic collaboration. Learning to Mentor and bridge the gap between business and education is our commitment. See more here about our PROGRAMS.