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About Living The Potential

Living The Potential Network is a place of inclusion, community, innovation for learning, wellness, and conscious entrepreneurship.

The most important decisions we make in our lives surround education, career, relationships, and parenting. These decisions vastly affect how we show up in the world and live our lives. They affect our happiness, success, and ultimately, the level of meaning and purpose we experience in our lifetime.

Practical strategies, resources, and the support to help you uncover your higher purpose and create positive impact in your life and the world around you.


Many of us, myself included, have stumbled blindly, following paths that predetermine the definition of success only to find an empty and unsatisfying existence at the other end. Sometimes, we chose wisely right from the beginning. But more times than not, the path to success is fraught with despair, confusion, and sometimes, even rejection of the goal we’ve invested so much time in working toward.

Each one of us, have a unchanging, innate nature – an individual blueprint for defining meaning.

When you feel the longing and desire to do something in your lifetime, but aren’t sure where to begin or have become unsure of the path you’re currently on, it’s likely because you’re not aligned with your innate nature.

There’s a powerful, essential part of you. When you tap into that place, you begin to make decisions aligned with your very core. Every one of us has core values, but they’re unique to each of us. Once you know them, you understand how you can live from a place with greater purpose and passion. And that’s a pretty powerful place to be.

My mission is to help parents, youth, and entrepreneurs (even those in the making) live from a place of joy, purpose and passion and create a path to success that is aligned with meaning.



My path, my passion, my purpose is in service to helping you find yours.

I began my journey as a high school English teacher in Ohio with a vision of positively impacting the lives of youth. My dream was to connect students in a way that fueled their confidence and self awareness – to support youth in discovering their passion and purpose and find meaning.

I admit it was an idealistic vision, although it didn’t seem so at the time.

I quickly found the traditional school system didn’t bend easily to my way of thinking. It ignores what drives the interests of the student, and it focuses on what curriculum experts believe is important everyone should know.  A better way would be to build on the student’s sense of curiosity and tap into their natural genius.

Distraught and burned out, I left teaching after six years with a promise to return, but with no idea of the journey that would take me there.

I moved into the corporate world, hustled, and succeed by most of society’s standards. I worked in exciting careers spanning marketing, and product development, real estate, healthcare, software and financial services.

This time marked my personal and entrepreneurial journey of transformation and wellness. Suddenly, everywhere I saw the desire of others to create a life with meaning and purpose. I began to encounter and work with more and more corporate executives exiting their big work life in search of purpose and belonging.

My mission integrates my education and entrepreneurial expertise with a passion to serve and care for humanity.

I also began working with youth in the natural learning movement with Brent Cameron, founder of SelfDesign Learning Foundation. This movement fosters students to develop curriculum around their natural curiosity and desire to know things, while being guided by mentors. It was exactly the style of learning environment I had wanted to create as a teacher many years before. I had a rewarding experience working with Brent, and I have served as a board member of SelfDesign for many years. More recently, I helped establish the SelfDesign Graduate Institute offering degrees at the master’s level.

In all my years of education, I’ve never seen a more direct and accelerated path to reaching personal and professional goals than working with mentors and coaches who are experts in their fields. As a result I’ve developed Living The Potential Network to create self-directed learning communities for educators, entrepreneurs, and youth.

As my wellness business and community began to grow, I recognized how everything I believed about learning was applicable for not only youth struggling inside a system that wasn’t serving them, but it was also applicable for entrepreneurs wanting to build careers aligned with personal interests and desire for optimum health and well-being.

The entrepreneur in me wanted to find a way to incorporate this new whole self and well-being into my work. I partnered with a friend in a nutraceutical company, Univera, and began to create a community with wellness at its core.

My business became an expression of my individual authenticity and aligned with my innate core values, allowing me to positively impact many people in the world.

This community has now grown to over thousands of people who have been supported to bring forward their authentic contributions serving others. As a result, I’ve been able to step fully into the role of mentorship providing support for hundreds of others who put wellness not only as the focus for their career choice but as a life choice.

Living The Potential is building a bridge between entrepreneurship and world-class learners of all ages.

Working with mentors, our members learn and grow not only mentally and physically, but also emotionally, financially, and spiritually. Many of us, as we learn the power of passive income, can finally find the time and motivation to follow a philanthropic vision of conscious innovation for a peaceful and sustainable planet.