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About Living The Potential

Living The Potential Network is a community of inclusion, collaboration, and innovation for learning, wellness, and conscious entrepreneurship because I believe this is what we need to save our world.

I began my journey as a high school English teacher in Ohio with a vision of positively impacting the lives of youth. My dream was to connect with students in a way that fueled their confidence and self-awareness – to support youth in discovering their passion and purpose and finding meaning.

I admit it was an idealistic vision, although it didn’t seem so at the time.

I quickly found the traditional school system didn’t bend easily to my way of thinking and teaching — building on the students’ sense of curiosity and tapping into their natural genius. Instead, this industrialized system ignored what drives the students and focused on what curriculum experts believe is important for everyone to know.   

Distraught and burned out, I left teaching after six years with a promise to return, but with no idea of the journey that would take me there.

I moved into the corporate world, hustled, and succeeded by most of society’s standards. I worked in exciting careers spanning marketing, product development, real estate, healthcare, software, and financial services.

But in every domain through which I traveled and succeeded, I saw the same problem I’d witnessed in education: There was very little interest in engaging the primary consumers’/stakeholders’ interests and needs. 

Rather than creating space for curiosity, self-empowerment, and collaboration, the systems provide the answers, create competitive environments, and crush all innovation to preserve themselves. Eventually, I walked away from all of these domains, frustrated and depleted.

And yet, I believed that it could be — should be — different. 

Finally, I was gifted an experience that proved it was not only possible, but also so much easier and more fun. when I began working with youth again in the natural learning movement with Brent Cameron, founder of SelfDesign Learning Foundation. This movement fosters students to develop curriculum around their natural curiosity and desire to know things, while being guided by mentors. It was exactly the style of learning environment I had wanted to create as a teacher many years before. I had an incredibly rewarding experience working with Brent and his students, and I have served as a board member of SelfDesign for many years, helping establish the Transformative Learning Foundation offering certificate leadership programs for the development of learning communities.  

Eventually, the entrepreneur in me wanted to find a way to incorporate this new whole self and well-being into my work. So, I partnered with a friend who introduced me to the wellness industry, and I began to create a community with wellness at its core. As my wellness business and community began to grow, I recognized how everything I believed about learning was applicable for not only youth struggling inside a system that wasn’t serving them, but it was also applicable for entrepreneurs wanting to build careers aligned with personal interests and a desire for optimum health and well-being.

My business became an expression of my individual authenticity and aligned with my innate core values, allowing me to positively impact many people in the world.

This community has now grown to over thousands of people who have been supported to bring forward their authentic contributions to serving others. As a result, I’ve been able to step fully into the role of mentorship. Working with mentors, our members learn and grow not only mentally and physically, but also emotionally, financially, and spiritually. Plus, many of us, as we learn the power of passive income, can finally find the time and motivation to follow a philanthropic vision of conscious innovation for a peaceful and sustainable planet.

This is why I felt compelled to create Living The Potential Network — to help parents, youth, and entrepreneurs (even those in the making) live from a place of joy, purpose, and passion and create a path to success that is aligned with who they really are.

In all my years of education, I’ve never seen a more direct and accelerated path to reaching personal and professional goals than working with mentors and coaches who are experts in their fields, so why not build a network full of them and invite other change-makers to learn, collaborate, and work together to solve some of the very serious problems our world is facing? 

Welcome to Living The Potential Network!



Our world needs them. And they need you.

“As a parent, grandparent, entrepreneur, coach, and consultant, I am inspired by the wisdom of the young people in this book! Whether you are in education, business, or the government sector, you owe it to yourself to discover how Living The Potential could be a contribution to you, as well as how you might make a difference in the systems in which you live and work.”

Nancy Miriam Hawley
CEO, Enlignment, Inc.
Founder of Systems Perspectives LLC
Co-author of You and Your Partner, Inc.
Founder and Co-author of Our Bodies, Ourselves



“Renee Beth Poindexter employs facets of her own life story to illustrate humanity’s profound need to recognize and nurture the unique gifts and talents that each of us holds—and particularly those of our children and youth. This fascinating book is an eloquent call for the revisioning of our educational system and of the relationship between business and education. Living the Potential is a profound and inspiring book! It’s also a fascinating read.”

David Marshak
Founding President of the SelfDesign Graduate Institute
Author of Kids Need the Same Teacher for More than One Year, Evolutionary Parenting, and The Common Vision: Parenting and Educating for Wholeness


“Living The Potential presents an exciting new vision for education based on the fundamental premise that all students already have the seeds of wisdom within them. This hopeful vision invites all of us to collaborate together to create learning environments that support and sustain students’ inner wisdom. We are invited to consider what education would look like if its main focus was unleashing this boundless potential within all students. May this empowering vision based on creativity, collaboration, and cooperation help make a wisdom-based learning the foundation for education throughout the world.”

Dr. Dicken Bettinger, EdD
Retired Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Global Seminar Leader in Psychological and Spiritual Well-being
Author of Coming Home: Uncovering the Foundations of Psychological Well-being