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You want to BE the change in the world right now,
and you know you are here to help others,
but it’s not as easy or as effective as you believed it would be.

How can you facilitate that change even more powerfully?

In our current climate of increasing chaos, the change-makers who are going to be effective are the ones who have the skills to cut through the noise, engage the whole person(s) in front of them, think outside-of-the-box for simpler solutions, and take care of their own well-being as they bring all of who they are to everything they do to change the world and get paid for it.


The 5 Skills of a Master Facilitator

Invitation Only

If you are receiving this invitation, it is because someone you know believes in the work you are doing or considering doing.

Join Renee Beth Poindexter and some of her facilitators to learn the five skills that will not only make you an even more powerful facilitator, but will transform your entire life and work from the inside-out.

What you will learn in these 90 minutes will change the way you view the world, experience and engage people, and create results for those you lead and serve.


Date: September 22, 2021 @5:00 pm – 6:30 pm PST

Location: Register to Receive Your Zoom Link

Investment: FREE