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Change Starts With Us, But We Don’t Have To Do It Alone


It’s time for a paradigm change: What if our youth have the answers?



Living the Potential: Engaging the Wisdom of Our Youth to Save the World”

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Children are frustrated with a machine-like educational system that values test scores over learning.


Parents feel powerless, watching their children’s curiosity being crushed.


Teachers are exhausted and heartbroken they cannot facilitate the outcomes that inspired their career.


Businesses are baffled by the lack of skill the next generation is exhibiting in the workplace.

There has never been a More Important Time for Us to Come Together for our Children and Our World.
We Can Do This Together!

Living The Potential Network™️ is a growing community committed to a revolutionary, nature-based approach to solving the world’s problems by:


If you are weary of talking about the problems we face, and want to become part of the solution, come Live The Potential with us!

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“My “Aha” moments during this Mentors Mastermind facilitated by Renee Beth Poindexter include the experience of really being seen, understood, and “gotten”, and the empowerment I experienced as a result of that.”


“Coaching with Renee Beth Poindexter and taking the CVI Profile awoke my understanding of my innate gifts, core values and gave me a customized life map that led to greater purpose, passion and vitality.”


“Renee Beth definitely is the most committed, Visionary I know. She has dedicated her life to supporting others to achieve their highest and best. I know without her leadership and guidance I would not be where I am today.”


“It was a Relief to Discover My Own Seeds of Genius and How I Can Engage the Wisdom of Youth to Save the World…”

Living The Potential Network™️ offers a breakthrough mentorship program that helps self-starting and entrepreneurial parents and growth-minded teachers engage the wisdom of our youth to save the world alongside forward-thinking businesses.

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